1. Like Action Sports Like Football? You Might Like Paintball!

    At first thought, football and paintball couldn’t be much different. The size of the players are different, the gear is different, and one has obstacles on the field while the other is completely flat. Paintball, despite its name, doesn’t even use traditional balls as you’d find in football, baseball, soccer, or basketball. But with football begin king here in Texas, we thought it might be f…Read More

  2. How Paintball Is And Isn’t An Extreme Sport

    Sometimes people refer to paintball as an extreme sport. There are times we agree with them, and other times we know that paintball is a bit too organized to fit the traditional definition of an extreme sport. Here are some of the arguments for and against labeling professional paintball as extreme. What do you think? Yes: There’s Danger Involved We have to admit that the professional paintballi…Read More

  3. Woodsball: Extreme Sport Paintball

    In our previous blogs we’ve talked about our professional paintball team, what it takes to play paintball, the equipment use, and some of the variants of the game. While we usually play games of 7-on-7, that doesn’t mean we don’t head out and try other forms of the game just for fun. Variation is certainly one of the most appealing aspects of the game. One of the most popular variations of p…Read More

  4. Our Extreme Sport Is Here For Every Type of Paintball Fan

    When we play paintball all around the world, we run into fans of every sort. These fans basically fall into three basic categories. Let’s break them down the type of people who are coming to our spectator sports. Rabid! There’s no doubt, we love our rabid fans! These are the fans who have our jerseys, markers, and loaders and often play the game themselves. They know our names and sometimes we…Read More