Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting us!

If you’re a fan of Houston Heat professional paintball, you’ll want to find our sponsors and give them some of your business. When you do, make sure to tell them you’re stopping by because you heard about them through their association growth our Houston paintball team.

G.I. Sportz

G.I. Sportz produces paintball products, everything from paint to pants.


Luxe Paintball

Luxe produces unparalleled high-end paintball markers.


Contract Killer Clothing –

Contract Killer Clothing specializes in multi-purpose, extreme-sport utility gear such as protective equipment,
training gear and casual lifestyle clothing items like t-shirts and hoodies.



KM Straps produces paintball playing gear to make your game better.


Paintball Photography –
Gary Baum provides the largest gallery of paintball photography on the web today.


Exalt Paintball –

Exalt paintball provides the team with a variety of paintball accessories both on and off the field.


Anthrax Paintball –

They RULE THE GAME when it comes to jerseys.


Virtue Paintball –

Virtue provides us with the most technologically advanced loader in the industry.


Ninja Paintball –

Ninja has designed and manufactured top of the line air tanks for the paintball market.