We know you want to show your support for you local Houston Heat professional paintball team, and we want to see this gear on the streets and at local Houston paintball fields. The following is how to best contact each player directly if you’d like to purchase a jersey, marker or loader.

Ryan Smith
instagram:  11ryansmith11
fb:  Ryan Smith

Konstantin Fedorov
instagram:  fedorov88
Or contact Chad Bouchez (see below)

Sam Monville
instagram:  sampage19
fb: Sam Monville

Ryan Moorhead
instagram:  moorhead85
fb: Ryan Moorhead

Chad George
instagram:  chadg57
fb:  Chad George

Mishka Kniazev
instagram:  kniazev77
fb:  Mishka Kniazev

Chad Yaya Bouchez
instagram:  chadyayabouchez
fb:  Chad Yaya Bouchez

Greg Siewers
instagram: gregsiewers14
fb:  facebook.com/gsiewers14

Sergey Solnyshkov
instagram: solnishkov23
Or contact Chad Bouchez (see above)

To purchase KM Houston Heat goggle straps – 7” or 9” for $20.00, please email Danette Smith at danettesmith@cox.net