The following is how to best contact each player directly if you’d like to purchase a jersey, marker or loader.

Ryan Smith
instagram:  ryan_bird_smith
fb:  Ryan Smith

Konstantin Fedorov
instagram:  fedorov88
Or contact Chad Bouchez (see below)

Sam Monville
instagram:  sampage19
fb: Sam Monville

Ryan Moorhead
instagram:  moorhead85
fb: Ryan Moorhead

Chad George
instagram:  chadg57
fb:  Chad George

Mishka Kniazev
instagram:  kniazev77
fb:  Mishka Kniazev

Chad Yaya Bouchez
instagram:  chadyayabouchez
fb:  Chad Yaya Bouchez

Nico Hyde
instagram: nicohyde0
fb:  Nico Yurp Hyde

Devon Stuart
instagram: devonstuart34
fb:  Devon Stuart

Ronnie Dizon
instagram: rondondizon
fb:  Ronnie Dizon