GeorgeJust as everyone can shoot hoops in the driveway, anyone can rent a paintball gun and goggles and have fun on a Saturday morning shooting at friends. But watching professionals play is an eye-opening experience, making paintball the latest, most exciting spectator sport. What are you going to find when you stop by a Houston Heat Professional Paintball Game?

The Teamwork

One aspect of this extreme sport is the amazing teamwork that you’ll see between team members. There are hand signals, code words, and intricate plays that we practice again and again so that we can have the upper hand on our opponent. We work for hours coming up with plans, watching our own footage and the footage of other teams to find out where things went right and where things went wrong.

The Accuracy

If you have ever shot a paintball gun (especially a run-of-the-mill rented one), you know very well that the paint ball seldom lands where you aim it. Because of the constant practice, each member of our paintball team has become an expert on equipment and trajectory, wowing spectators with incredible accuracy.

The Excitement

There’s no doubt, it’s fun to play paintball; it’s paintball 1quite the adrenaline rush. But you’d be surprised how much fun it is as a spectator sport, and our fans come back again and again. The Houston Heat puts the extreme into this extreme sport!

You’ll always see something new and exciting during professional paintball. Check out our schedule here to find out if we’ll be near you soon.