Team HuddleWhen we play paintball all around the world, we run into fans of every sort. These fans basically fall into three basic categories. Let’s break them down the type of people who are coming to our spectator sports.


There’s no doubt, we love our rabid fans! These are the fans who have our jerseys, markers, and loaders and often play the game themselves. They know our names and sometimes we know theirs! Every sport has its rabid fans, and we’re very happy to have attracted some of the best around.


Not every fan is going to attend every event, but we’re glad when they show up all the same. They’re interested in spectator sports in Houston (and beyond) and know that seeing professional paintball in action is a lot of fun. They might not have our jersey’s, but they know how to spend an afternoon watching the pros.

“There’s such a thing as professional paintball?”

You might think we’d be angry at people like this. After all, we dedicate a big part of our lives to professional paintball, so we’re sometimes surprised when people come with their friends to a game even if they’ve never heard of it before. But we’re certainly not angry, because after we play they’re sure to become fans (“rabid” or “casual” TBD)

No matter what kind of fan you are, we’re happy to see you at any of our games. Want to find out where we’ll be next? Check out our schedule right here.


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