1. Professional Paintball as Spectator Sport

    Just as everyone can shoot hoops in the driveway, anyone can rent a paintball gun and goggles and have fun on a Saturday morning shooting at friends. But watching professionals play is an eye-opening experience, making paintball the latest, most exciting spectator sport. What are you going to find when you stop by a Houston Heat Professional Paintball Game? The Teamwork One aspect of this extreme …Read More

  2. Welcome To Houston Heat Professional Paintball Official Website!

    Thanks for stopping by our new site, the official website for all things related to professional paintball in Houston. We’re glad you’re here, because there’s always something fun going on with the Houston Heat! So, why are we here? To let you know more about the latest spectator sport in Houston, one that’s getting bigger and bigger across the world and around the nation. You’ll find ou…Read More